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Видеопроцессор Novastar V800

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The V800 is a Novastar professional LED display Video processor,
94 324,20 руб.

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which in addition to display controller also has a powerful front end video processing capabilities.
V800 Processor have quality and flexible image controls dramatically to meet the needs of the media industry.
Product features:
1) V800 with rich video input connector, includes
2- CVBS , 1-VGA , 1-DVI , 1-HDMI (1920×1080@60Hz)
2) V800 no need computer software system configuration. Now only operates on a knob and a button to complete the system configuration, all Action steps to complete, and this is what we advocate "driver screen"!
3) the V800 is a Nova series of new generation controllers, powerful image processing, image control, professional and friendly user interface, makes the display Screen work has never been so easy and enjoyable.
4) with innovative architecture, smart configuration, debugging can be done within 30 seconds the screen, greatly shortening the preparation time of the stage;
5) provides seamless cuts and fades and tran


Артикул V800
Вес кг. 0
Гарантия 2 года
Производитель Novastar
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