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Контроллер Onbon BX 5MK1

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BX-5K series is based on Font library design
3 126,85 руб.
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Convenient for the user to secondary development.
Dedicated to the industrial field, intelligent bus stop and cluster system, etc.

With Ethernet port communication, and price is cheap. Mostly used on Industrial field, equipment, and cluster system,etc.
Built-in font library,users only need to sending the Chinese Characters coding for display the content,which will reduce the date traffice and make easy for development.
Support information dynamic refresh: there are 6 dynamic areas, which can update information simultaneously, also can update alone.
Dynamic refresh interval≥0.5s
The design of BX-5MK series depend on the font library mode, customers who want to update the informations frequently, can use this. We offer the protocol and corresponding files.
BX-5MK series is not only support the transmitting method of font code format


Артикул BX 5MK1
Вес кг. 0
Гарантия 1 год
Интерфейс вывода HUB 08 2 ряда, HUB 12 4 ряда
Програмное обеспечение LedshowTW
Цветность Моно/Двухцветный
Режим работы Асинхронный
Интерфейс ввода RS232, RS485
Разрешение 2048*16 2048*32 1536*48 1152*64
Максимальное кол-во пикселей 73728
Производитель ONBON