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Контроллер Onbon BX 5K1

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With Ethernet port communication, and price is cheap.
1 564,94 руб.
  • Оптом 2 шт. 1 487,30 руб.экономия 5%
  • Оптом 5 шт. 1 408,85 руб.экономия 10%
  • Оптом 10 шт. 1 330,40 руб.экономия 15%

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Built-in font library,users only need to sending the Chinese Characters coding for display the content,which will reduce the date traffice and make easy for development.
Support information dynamic refresh: there are 6 dynamic areas, which can update information simultaneously, also can update alone.
Dynamic refresh interval≥0.5s
The design of BX-5MK series depend on the font library mode, customers who want to update the informations frequently, can use this. We offer the protocol and corresponding files.
BX-5MK series is not only support the transmitting method of font code format, and also support the transmitting method of graphic pixels format.


Артикул BX 5K1
Вес кг. 0
Гарантия 1 год
Интерфейс вывода HUB 08 2 ряда, HUB 12 4 ряда
Програмное обеспечение LedshowTW
Цветность Моно/Двухцветный
Режим работы Асинхронный
Интерфейс ввода RS232, RS485
Разрешение 2048*16 1536*32 1024*48 768*64
Максимальное кол-во пикселей 49152
Производитель ONBON