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Colorlight T7 отправляющая карта

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T7 sending card, adopts a better power supply solution
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and has better reliability.
T7 supports DVI video input, the maximum input resolution of 2048 * 1365 pixels. Two Ethernet port outputs can be set random area of the screen, and control different LED displays. T7 also supports audio inputs, which is used to transmit the audio to the Multifunction Card, so that the audio can be output on the side of the display.
Support HDMI/DVI signal input
l Support audio input
l Maximum input resolution with 2048*1365 pixels
l Maximum load capacity:1310720 pixels @2048*1365
l 2 gigabit Ethernet outputs, support arbitrary splicing
l Dual USB2.0 for high speed configuration and easy cascading
l Support systematic time encryption
l Wide working voltage with DC3.8-12V
l Advanced design, good quality components, strict aging test, zero-malfunction of final products
l Support standard transmission equipment like gigabit fiber optical transceiver, gigabit


Артикул T7
Вес кг. 0
Гарантия 1 год
Производитель Colorlight