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Контроллер Colorlight A8

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RDA8F - dual-mode system. Совершенная комбиная синхронного и ассинхронного режима

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• Dual-mode function.Every card has large capacity memorizer and one-key video function. The system has online synchronous mode and off-line asynchronous mode. If network is interrupted or the computer develops a fault in the synchronous mode, switch to record-broadcast real-timely. Ensure that play without interruption. Power on/off and lock the screen at regular time, using real-time clock.
• More reasonable gigabit transmission technology and ultra-low power consumption chip. Switching randomly the sequence of two Ethernet interfaces. Input/output intelligent identification. Ethernet cable loopback function: detect the position of broken cable in the cascade circuit and give a warning, using loopback function. Even if there is a broken cable between cards, the display can still continue.


Артикул A8
Вес кг. 0
Гарантия 1 год
Интерфейс вывода HUB х2
Програмное обеспечение LEDShowT9 11.32
Цветность Цветной
Режим работы Асинхронный
Производитель Colorlight